Dads!!! Let’s Talk! What are you MOST concerned about?

Antonio and Super Jack :)

Antonio and Super Jack 🙂

Thinking of new things to blog about… 💭 Dads give me some feedback on what your jitters were/are on becoming a new parent? Or parenting after baby #1.  Moms what are your thoughts on what dads were concerned about? Leave your thoughts below!

Here are some things I have gathered thus far:

  1. Money
  2. Insurance
  3. Postpartum
  4. Relationship after baby
  5. Sex

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~Sweet Baby Beanies~

Please check out my dear friend’s beautiful work. @sweetbabybeanie and order you and your families beanies today! SweetBabyBeanie are custom handmade beanies for your baby of any size! Whether your baby is a newborn, toddler, adult male or female they can customize a beanie just for them! They specialize in mommy and me, daddy and me, and family beanies. Since the beanies are made to order, you choose the colors like! Want to add a Pom Pom on top? They do that too! Follow her on Instagram for discounts and find them on Esty;  Discounts are always available and a portion of the proceeds go to a local Children’s Hospital.

Sweetest little gifts from #SweetBabyBeanies for my new clients!

Sweetest little gifts from #SweetBabyBeanies for my new clients!


Please read below on what inspired her business:

December! My favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday month and its Christmas. What could be better than that? My sweet girl was now 11 months and I was crazy about cutting out snowflakes and creating a winter fairy tale land for her first birthday in January.

This was the month that Sweetbabybeanie was born.
I woke up on December 3, 2015 and I thought, I’m 28. Then I thought about all the things I wanted to do before I was 28. I questioned if I had lost myself in motherhood. Who was I now? Were those goals I had really that important now that I was a mom? I didn’t get a masters degree to be at home all day!
For a few minutes I felt like I was drowning, I couldn’t breathe.
On the morning of my 28th birthday I had a panic attack.

I remember being angry. Angry at everyone who sat back and watched me disappear into motherhood. Why didn’t anyone try and save me, I was still the same person or was I? Had I embraced motherhood as a new identity and let go of self?

I had.

After gathering my thoughts I got dressed and bundled up my daughter and went to Michaels craft store. I bought yarn and decided I would make a beanie for my baby. I had a choice to make. Sink in motherhood or swim. On my 28th birthday I decided that this new hobby would be for me. It would be my projects separate from my daughter and husband. My new hooks and yarn was my beacon of hope, my compass on the road to rediscovering who I was.

Read More—> SweetBabyBeanie



Bugs and Easter Peeps~

Late night, eating |blue peeps|🐥 and reading about bugs!☺️💤

Lately SuperJack has been staying up later. I don’t really force him to go to bed at night. One because I know he takes long naps at daycare and two because he really doesn’t give me a hard time in the mornings when it comes to getting up. Well, if he doesn’t like what he’s wearing then he will! :/ But here are a few things I do to get him relaxed.

  • Bath (in baby lavender)
  • Lavender baby lotion/ massage
  • I’m bad sometimes I will even spray the bed and room with lavender linen spray!
  • Eat if he’s still hungry or a lite snack (not these sugary peeps we were eating last night lol)
  • Brush teeth
  • Either I READ to him or he reads to me (which he loves)
  • Potty
  • PRAY
  • and a little Basketball on TV will knock him right out!….along with lots of HUGS and KISSES. From my room or the living room we will put him in bed with relaxing music playing.

See its real simple! No need for me to fuss and fight with him as long as he’s relaxed then he’s resting. Plus it gives us time to bond with him instead of coming home doing our routines and then sending him off to bed. When you stick to a schedule like that you don’t always have time for loving parts. Again this isn’t your traditional “get in the bed” routine but its what works for us! Oh! One confession if he does get up in the middle of the night we do turn on a 15 minute learning show like “Super Why” or “Peppa Pig”. Why not something he’s not interested in?? Because SuperJack will just get up change it to what he likes anyway lol.

Super Jack’s First Family Performance 😆

We had family friends over tonight and Super Jack decided to perform! Lol

Bedtime Reading Goes Wrong!

I’m really struggling reading this dinosaur book to Jack. I can’t pronounce half of these dinosaurs😰 even with them broken down 😆 #mommyblooper #imGoingtostudyTheseDinosTonight #tryagainTomorrow #butIhaveaMastersTho 😕  

“KicK Back ” Turns 2!—–“Mommies Little Baby”

{l o v e.}  I was trying to find the perfect song to describe how I felt on my sons’ second birthday. We spend so much time together and he’s growing so fast! Finally! I came across this song by Kelly Rowland and it’s so fitting for this occasion. Happy Birthday Love.


The Night Before Potty Training…

|Potty Training| starts tomorrow!!!! How the heck am I going to do this! I couldn’t even potty train Eva (our dog)!😏 We’re excited though!🚽 #wishusluck🙌🏽 Clearly he is ready. This picture was taken when he was 18months….he took his pants off shortly after a poop!😳 Now that it’s been 3months later; I’m ready! Lol


SPRING Allergies 🌷

Hello Spring

SPRING is here and so are allergies for our little ones.

Here are some quick ideas that may help clear their nasal paths… I hear it’s best to do these things before the Spring season even start.

  1. Baby/Infant saline drops (twice a day)
  2. Neti pot for infants (twice a week)
  3. Humidifier (as needed)
  4. Soft kleenex of course
  5. Baby Aspirator
  6. Snot Sucker.
  7. *Always Consult with Pediatrician
Snot Sucker

I HATE this thing! It makes me gag…But unfortunately it works!

**Question: When is the appropriate time of the year for our toddlers to stop from wearing T-shirts??