Family Traditions!Β 

Triad Moms On Main –Jack & I have a little article, that made it to Triad Moms on Main! Check it out! #FamilyTraditions☺️ 

Take it easy…

Major mommy blooper! Yesterday I was rushing to take “KickBack” to a birthday party. (And we all know being a mom means we never get places on time) In the parking lot I’m carrying his diaper bag, the gift and not to mention him. Then as I walk down the walkway…. Bloop! We fall. Luckily he didn’t touch the ground. But boy did I bust my knees and hurt my hand really bad!! 😦 But did the people at Bumper Jumpers come out to check on us!? No! Acting like they didn’t see me fall. Any who. Point is take its easy! A lot of times we have to do things by ourselves, carrying a million things, trying to get a million places. But it’s always good to take a moment and take your time. Who cares that you’re late. I rather be late with unbruised knees than on time bruised.