Surviving Teething

Surviving Teething can be very STRESSFUL…

You never want to see your baby in pain. So I’ve created a little survival kit that seems to work for me. Remember every baby is different, but this kit has a few options that should solve the problem.

Teething Care Kit

  1. Teething Tablets was one of the first things I tried using when “KickBack” was only a few months old. It’s an all natural tablet that dissolves in the mouth. I like this product because it is inexpensive, he could take as many as needed, and he was able to sleep because he wasn’t in pain. These tablets can be found on the medicine aisle or the baby section in Walmart or Target.  I personally wanted to stay away from orajel when he was an infant.  It just seemed a bit much for a new baby. My suggestion is to only use the teething tablets for 0-9 month babies. As he started to approach a year old, we had to upgrade to something a little more effective.
  2. Sophie TeethingSophie the Giraffe Teether. At first I couldn’t believe my mom had paid $25 dollars (I think) for the tall one and about $15 for the small. I was thinking this thing should work a miracle. I must say at first it didn’t. “KickBack” could of cared less about this thing. But as months went on, I had to revisit some gadgets to see if they would help. (So don’t give up on certain items just yet) He started to really enjoy Miss Sophie and still uses her at 15 months. Plus I figured, if he could chew on the bottom of his shoe (which was made of rubber that wasn’t all natural); then, he for sure could chew on Sophie. :/ The cool thing about this is it has different textures all over the giraffe to help soothe your baby’s gums and it’s made with all natural rubber and food paint. The more expensive one makes a sound when squeezed and helps your baby understand the link between cause and effect. Note to self, you may have to help your baby get the hang of how to use this at first. Sophie has many functions that the baby will want to enjoy.

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