Good Latch/ Poor Latch

Breastfeeding can be very painful if done incorrectly. Below is an example of a Good Latch and a Poor Latch. Initially it’s natural for it to be painful. If you continue to have issues please contact a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor or a Lactation Consultant. Either one can educate you on how to successfully breastfeed and teach you new positions that may work for you and your baby. Please check out

breastfeeding positions

breastfeeding positions



Tools for Comfort💆🌿

Tools for Comfort• A trained professional labor companion is a wonderful tool. Doulas know how birth works and will comfort and assist the laboring woman through any challenges. Although, a doula may cost more than the other tools, her wisdom and experience are worth it.

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SPRING Allergies 🌷

Hello Spring

SPRING is here and so are allergies for our little ones.

Here are some quick ideas that may help clear their nasal paths… I hear it’s best to do these things before the Spring season even start.

  1. Baby/Infant saline drops (twice a day)
  2. Neti pot for infants (twice a week)
  3. Humidifier (as needed)
  4. Soft kleenex of course
  5. Baby Aspirator
  6. Snot Sucker.
  7. *Always Consult with Pediatrician
Snot Sucker

I HATE this thing! It makes me gag…But unfortunately it works!

**Question: When is the appropriate time of the year for our toddlers to stop from wearing T-shirts??

“Kick Back’s” First Easter Festivities

Toddler Bunny Craft

Easter was just last week. I wanted to share all the Easter fun we had! †

“Kick Back’s” daycare had a party on Thursday. We were asked to bring in fruit snacks, chips and things of that nature. Boy! he really enjoyed himself. He even made (with some assistance) a little goodie bag with a bunny on the front. ( pic above)

How to make:

  1. -Cut out a bunny face
  2. -Line the bunny with a little Elmer’s School Glue
  3. -Get your Toddler to place the mini marshmallows around the bunny’s face
  4. -Get your toddler to pick their favorite color of cotton nose….and there you have it! it’s a bunny!

First Easter party Easter Party Goodies

These are all photos of “Kick Back” enjoying his goodies. In his bag was cookies, puffs, fruit snacks, fruit cup, juice and even a cupcake. But of course, mommy ate that 🙂

Easter Fun Easter Goodies

I’m pretty excited about this table. I’ve been searching for one for a while. I wanted him to have a little table so he could write, draw, color and even have a place to sit down and eat a snack. It’s not always fun sitting the highchair or cleaning up after him when he walks around. So I found the cutest little toddler table at a local Big Lots for a really good price. It was easy to assemble and what I like most was that he didn’t have the four chairs, because its’ a picnic table.  I don’t like a lot of furniture. Toddlers already come with a lot of toys. lol

Toddler Table

This table was purchased at Big Lots for $19 bucks!


Hollys Cake Bar

I want to give my friend a huge shout out. Holly’s Cake Bar created, made and designed this lovely cake! YES, the whole thing is a cake. How cool is this! Please take a look at some of her work and order for your next upcoming event.

Saturday Fun!

“Kick Back’s” first Easter Egg Hunt was a blast! It was at our community center in our neighborhood. They host it every year. Last year he was too small to enjoy. But this year he was so excited. He walked right up to the Easter bunny! Until her realized it moved and then he freaked out lol. If you notice in the picture he’s looking like “dad, so this thing is real?!?”

First Easter Egg Hunt

Easter MorningPlease excuse me. Easter was like a mini Christmas. Only because that’s when I buy most of his spring entire. It’s better deals around that time. So I just stuff everything in his Easter basket and make it a “gift”.

“Kick Back’s” Basket included: Easter Morning pt3

  • Two sets of pj’s (Target)
  • Sea World puzzle (Carters)
  • Book (friend)
  • Few pants and shirts (Carters)
  • Shoes (Mimi)
  • Plastic eggs with money and jelly beans (Nana)
  • Peeps
  • Stuff animals
  • Snacks

Easter Morning pt2

Below is a SIMPLE Easter Basket my friend made for her little one. I think it’s a perfect toddler basket.

  • Bath bubbles
  • Puffs
  • Towel
  • Fruit pouches

*All your baby’s favorite things

Toddler Easter basket

Perfect Toddler Easter Basket

Easter Fit

He wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture.








~Baby BUMP~PREGNANCY~ Discovering You’re Preggo!

~ What was it like when you had to tell your significant other, you two were EXPECTING!! Let me hear it?!?! Were you happy, nervous, anxious? …. I was 🙂
Keep in mind if you didn’t read my blog; I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job.

~ This is some “old” footage from the day I told “Mr. Big” we were expecting! I thought it would be perfect to share since my blogging topic this month is the beginning through 3rd trimester. Keep in mind if you didn’t read my blog; I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job. Excuse the recording I was so excited and nervous, I never got a recording of our faces. It’s just audio 🙂


Breastfeeding Training!!

Breatfeeding Training“Breaking News: Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training for Just $150
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Memory Lane Pt. 2

Last post was about the first 12 weeks. Now it’s time to enter the SECOND trimester!!! Let’s take a trip down memory, part two. 🙂

13-26 weeks

Baby Bump and Weddings

SECOND trimester! This seems to be THE longest trimester ever! Granted you’re happy because …. Please continue on 2nd-Trimester