“KicK Back ” Turns 2!—–“Mommies Little Baby”

{l o v e.}  I was trying to find the perfect song to describe how I felt on my sons’ second birthday. We spend so much time together and he’s growing so fast! Finally! I came across this song by Kelly Rowland and it’s so fitting for this occasion. Happy Birthday Love.


Breastfeeding Journey pt.1

In honor of Breastfeeding Week I decided to share the very moment I came and we nursed for the first time (without assistance). 🙂 Apparently after being in the hospital for 5 days and hooked to an IV for a long time it caused my nipples to invert. Which never really was an issue before. So once “KickBack” was born and I was ready to nurse him, I noticed my nipple wouldn’t come out. The nurses attempted to give me a nipple soft shell. But that didn’t really work so then I tried the nipple shield and that was VERY helpful. I used that for about 2  months and had several back ups. However just before nursing him I would try my “own nipple” first or wait until it came out then I would take the shield off and allow him to nurse; just so I could get him to latch on to me and get use to my nipple. This was such an amazing journey I cant wait to share more with you guys about my experience. But I will save that for African-American Breastfeeding Week ♥

These are the Medela soft shell

Medela Nipple Shield

 **Please read my newest post on Back To Work

Mommy Booster…

Today was rough…then I came across this passage in my notes: God lets you run into what you want soooo bad to realize it’s not what you need. Pray for a while. Keep diligently seeking him. Then, He will deliver you. 🙏🏽 #mistakesArenecessary #glow☺️

The Day I Became A MOM!

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

  From this👆🏽to…👇🏽 Becoming a mom is so rewarding! Head over to Welcoming Baby J (click the link) to read more! 

Mother’s Day💐

  🌷Happy Mother’s Day🌷 Two of the hardest things in my life: Staying faithful in my walk in Christ & being a mom! Yet these are the most rewarding gifts. Shouts out to myself today! Thank you Lord for giving me the love, strength & preparation to be an awesome MOM & God-Mommy! 🙌🏽


~Baby BUMP~PREGNANCY~ Discovering You’re Preggo!

~ What was it like when you had to tell your significant other, you two were EXPECTING!! Let me hear it?!?! Were you happy, nervous, anxious? …. I was 🙂
Keep in mind if you didn’t read my blog; I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job.

~ This is some “old” footage from the day I told “Mr. Big” we were expecting! I thought it would be perfect to share since my blogging topic this month is the beginning through 3rd trimester. Keep in mind if you didn’t read my blog; I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job. Excuse the recording I was so excited and nervous, I never got a recording of our faces. It’s just audio 🙂


Memory Lane Pt. 2

Last post was about the first 12 weeks. Now it’s time to enter the SECOND trimester!!! Let’s take a trip down memory, part two. 🙂

13-26 weeks

Baby Bump and Weddings

SECOND trimester! This seems to be THE longest trimester ever! Granted you’re happy because …. Please continue on 2nd-Trimester