Breastfeeding Journey pt.1

In honor of Breastfeeding Week I decided to share the very moment I came and we nursed for the first time (without assistance). 🙂 Apparently after being in the hospital for 5 days and hooked to an IV for a long time it caused my nipples to invert. Which never really was an issue before. So once “KickBack” was born and I was ready to nurse him, I noticed my nipple wouldn’t come out. The nurses attempted to give me a nipple soft shell. But that didn’t really work so then I tried the nipple shield and that was VERY helpful. I used that for about 2  months and had several back ups. However just before nursing him I would try my “own nipple” first or wait until it came out then I would take the shield off and allow him to nurse; just so I could get him to latch on to me and get use to my nipple. This was such an amazing journey I cant wait to share more with you guys about my experience. But I will save that for African-American Breastfeeding Week ♥

These are the Medela soft shell

Medela Nipple Shield

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