~Sweet Baby Beanies~

Please check out my dear friend’s beautiful work. @sweetbabybeanie and order you and your families beanies today! SweetBabyBeanie are custom handmade beanies for your baby of any size! Whether your baby is a newborn, toddler, adult male or female they can customize a beanie just for them! They specialize in mommy and me, daddy and me, and family beanies. Since the beanies are made to order, you choose the colors like! Want to add a Pom Pom on top? They do that too! Follow her on Instagram for discounts and find them on Esty; http://www.sweetbabybeanie.bigcartel.com  Discounts are always available and a portion of the proceeds go to a local Children’s Hospital.

Sweetest little gifts from #SweetBabyBeanies for my new clients!

Sweetest little gifts from #SweetBabyBeanies for my new clients!


Please read below on what inspired her business:

December! My favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday month and its Christmas. What could be better than that? My sweet girl was now 11 months and I was crazy about cutting out snowflakes and creating a winter fairy tale land for her first birthday in January.

This was the month that Sweetbabybeanie was born.
I woke up on December 3, 2015 and I thought, I’m 28. Then I thought about all the things I wanted to do before I was 28. I questioned if I had lost myself in motherhood. Who was I now? Were those goals I had really that important now that I was a mom? I didn’t get a masters degree to be at home all day!
For a few minutes I felt like I was drowning, I couldn’t breathe.
On the morning of my 28th birthday I had a panic attack.

I remember being angry. Angry at everyone who sat back and watched me disappear into motherhood. Why didn’t anyone try and save me, I was still the same person or was I? Had I embraced motherhood as a new identity and let go of self?

I had.

After gathering my thoughts I got dressed and bundled up my daughter and went to Michaels craft store. I bought yarn and decided I would make a beanie for my baby. I had a choice to make. Sink in motherhood or swim. On my 28th birthday I decided that this new hobby would be for me. It would be my projects separate from my daughter and husband. My new hooks and yarn was my beacon of hope, my compass on the road to rediscovering who I was.

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Bedtime Reading Goes Wrong!

I’m really struggling reading this dinosaur book to Jack. I can’t pronounce half of these dinosaurs😰 even with them broken down 😆 #mommyblooper #imGoingtostudyTheseDinosTonight #tryagainTomorrow #butIhaveaMastersTho 😕  

“KicK Back ” Turns 2!—–“Mommies Little Baby”

{l o v e.}  I was trying to find the perfect song to describe how I felt on my sons’ second birthday. We spend so much time together and he’s growing so fast! Finally! I came across this song by Kelly Rowland and it’s so fitting for this occasion. Happy Birthday Love.


Diluted Breastmilk 

Reasons NOT to dilute your breastmilk! I feel really sorry for this family. Let’s help education other mommies about breastfeeding.   Tragic story…PLEASE READ

~Baby BUMP~PREGNANCY~ Discovering You’re Preggo!

~ What was it like when you had to tell your significant other, you two were EXPECTING!! Let me hear it?!?! Were you happy, nervous, anxious? …. I was 🙂
Keep in mind if you didn’t read my blog; I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job.

~ This is some “old” footage from the day I told “Mr. Big” we were expecting! I thought it would be perfect to share since my blogging topic this month is the beginning through 3rd trimester. Keep in mind if you didn’t read my blog; I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job. Excuse the recording I was so excited and nervous, I never got a recording of our faces. It’s just audio 🙂


Refusing to nap!!!

What to do when your toddler doesn’t want to nap!?!?!?! I’m literally about to pull my hair out! I let “KickBack” go to work with me today because we’ve had a lot of bad weather and I didn’t want to send him to daycare. (Thinking this would be a great idea, NOT!) He woke up at 7 a.m., we started our day. He played for hoooooours at work, running around with my coworker (literally). He slept for 3 minutes in the car; came in the house and he’s been up on one thousand every since! Just talking and talking, jumping and jumping, playing and playing. Like did someone give him chocolate or something! So I fed him, I changed him, I gave him milk, then I put him in a playpen upstairs with the TV (bc he jumps out his crib). Needless to say that was an hour ago and he’s still screaming and crying because he refuses TO NAP! Mommies please help me! 😦
**However, a good friend sent me this site. It maybe helpful. I still need advice from you guys though! Baby Sleep Site

Sunday Morning Bliss

Someone wanted to get some building in before church! ⛪️



He knew I was taking a picture…lol

My kids

My babies♥

Toddler Fashion

Nice Sunday weather means strolls in the sun 🙂

Monday Morning!


We have fun shopping at baby Gap!

Surviving Teething

Surviving Teething can be very STRESSFUL…

You never want to see your baby in pain. So I’ve created a little survival kit that seems to work for me. Remember every baby is different, but this kit has a few options that should solve the problem.

Teething Care Kit

  1. Teething Tablets was one of the first things I tried using when “KickBack” was only a few months old. It’s an all natural tablet that dissolves in the mouth. I like this product because it is inexpensive, he could take as many as needed, and he was able to sleep because he wasn’t in pain. These tablets can be found on the medicine aisle or the baby section in Walmart or Target.  I personally wanted to stay away from orajel when he was an infant.  It just seemed a bit much for a new baby. My suggestion is to only use the teething tablets for 0-9 month babies. As he started to approach a year old, we had to upgrade to something a little more effective.
  2. Sophie TeethingSophie the Giraffe Teether. At first I couldn’t believe my mom had paid $25 dollars (I think) for the tall one and about $15 for the small. I was thinking this thing should work a miracle. I must say at first it didn’t. “KickBack” could of cared less about this thing. But as months went on, I had to revisit some gadgets to see if they would help. (So don’t give up on certain items just yet) He started to really enjoy Miss Sophie and still uses her at 15 months. Plus I figured, if he could chew on the bottom of his shoe (which was made of rubber that wasn’t all natural); then, he for sure could chew on Sophie. :/ The cool thing about this is it has different textures all over the giraffe to help soothe your baby’s gums and it’s made with all natural rubber and food paint. The more expensive one makes a sound when squeezed and helps your baby understand the link between cause and effect. Note to self, you may have to help your baby get the hang of how to use this at first. Sophie has many functions that the baby will want to enjoy.

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