13-26 weeks


SECOND trimester! This seems to be the longest trimester ever! Granted you’re happy because you anxiously  made it to the second trimester because things are considered “safe” after this point.  Good News! A lot of the symptoms you had in your first trimester will not be much of an issue this trimester. However, you probably want to get that body pillow because your back will start to hurt as your body prepares for this 7+ pound baby. Your sleep might me a little off. Gums may bleed. I didn’t spot during this trimester. Breast continued to grow. Indigestion and gas was NOT my best friend and I craved spicy foods! Headaches, discharge, spider veins, did I say discharge? All that good stuff!

iphone5 3.4.14 099

Theses were our announcements when telling our friends and family that we were expecting

 iphone5 3.4.14 822

So what are some things to expect during this time… MORE ultrasounds! If you are anything like me you will go over and beyond to get an ultrasound. I was 27 when I had my boy and I took every test/scan that they allowed me to take that required an ultrasound. Crazy me, but how cute is it to see your baby in 3D sometimes 4D. I got so bad I started going to the prenatal imaging center (Tiny Toes or Sweet Pea). Another exciting thing about the second trimester is finding out the baby’s gender. You usually can find out around 19 weeks. But clearly I couldn’t wait and went around 15 weeks.

iphone5 3.4.14 119<— this ultrasound is from the doctor’s office; not Tiny Toes.

iphone5 3.4.14 225Tiny Toes! Beautiful prenatal imaging center. “Mr. Big’s” mom and sisters and my mother and brother came for the gender reveal. We went to the imaging center when I was about 15 weeks. Although this day was extremely special and fun, I was a little disappointed because I had to take my belly ring out for the first time and I wasn’t able to put it back in after that appointment. But clearly you don’t need  a belly ring in when you are preggo anyways. This was very special and intimate. Everyone was screaming for a girl (except dad) but once our little guy popped up on this massive 72″ inch TV, he melted everyone’s heart instantly. Of course I couldn’t wait until my doctor’s appointment at 19 weeks (which is the anatomy appointment) to find out the gender. Are they crazy!

One important thing for me during this time was interviewing nannies, daycares, and churches for child care. I literally researched and created a list of questions to ask and look for when looking for childcare. This was very important to us. Oddly, I did the same thing while searching for a pediatrician as well. Although they looked at me crazy, it made me feel better to know in advanced what kind of doctor my baby would have and what the facility looked like.

Don’t Forget:

  • TAKE your prenatal vitamins!
  • Do Kegel Exercises!
  • Moisturize bump, boobs, and thighs!
  • Prenatal imaging centerbelly8
  • Baby registry
  • Gender reveal
  • Baby shower planning
  • Nursey ideas–start painting!!
  • Look out for those FIRST flutters (it’s not gas)
  • Take pictures of your belly growth
  • Drink lots of water
  • Plan your maternity leave
  • Daycare interviews
  • Pediatrician interviews
  • Purchase life insurance for you, daddy, and baby
  • Look into what it cost to add your child to your insurance (sometimes it’s cheaper to take out separate policy)
  • If you haven’t already told close family and friends this is definitely the perfect time. But they probably already see your glow 🙂

iphone5 3.4.14 360This was my second and last time wearing heels pregnant. Not sure about all the other mommies but wearing heels is cute and all; but feeling like you’re going to tumble over any moment is not my cup of tea.

paintingPrepping and painting the nursery!

iphone5 3.4.14 575

Grandpa and mommy visit on a hot summer daisy duke day!


iphone5 3.4.14 371

Being Pregnant didn’t stop me from being in weddings. 🙂

iphone5 3.4.14 490Enjoying my cute preggo fashion. Although at some point I went from buying large and XL clothes to maternity clothes. I found really cute inexpensive pieces from stores you wouldn’t believe. (but we can talk about those places under Courtney’s Commentary)     iphone5 3.4.14 441     iphone5 3.4.14 569

iphone5 3.4.14 3830_O I told you your boobs get big…


iphone5 3.4.14 518This is the baby shower that my job gave us! 🙂

This is our shower that our family gave us. We decided to have one BIG shower that allowed us to bring both sides of our family together. It was AWESOME! I will always remember that day. Good food, good people, and everything we needed for our baby boy. iphone5 3.4.14 783Please look forward to more pictures and details about baby shower planning in the Baby Shower category in my blog coming soon.


 iphone5 3.4.14 683

The Transition into the Third Trimester

iphone5 3.4.14 623   iphone5 3.4.14 778

2 thoughts on “2nd-Trimester

  1. I don’t know about you, but I miss carrying my baby around in my belly. Dont get me wrong I love being able to kiss her and hold her and just feeling her close but it was an amazing experience being pregnant! You were so gorgeous pregnant but that’s to be expected and nothing new 🙂

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    • Marquita!! I feel so bad. I’m just seeing this comment. Thank you so much. You are so sweet. And I DO miss and love actually being pregnant. It’s an awesome feeling. I never felt so beautiful before. 😊😊 kiss my beautiful baby girl for me!



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