1-12 weeks

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~ What was it like when you had to tell your significant other, you two were EXPECTING!! Let me hear it?!?! Were you happy, nervous, anxious? …. I was 🙂
I went to his job after taking the pregnancy test, so this video was done in the parking lot at his job.

~ This is some “old” footage from the day I told “Mr. Big” we were expecting! Excuse the recording I was so excited and nervous, I never got a recording of our faces. It’s just audio 🙂

Headaches? Mood swings? Nausea? Spotting? Morning sickness? Yup, welcome to the FIRST trimester! Oh don’t forget breast tenderness and enlargement! But who’s complaining about that? By the grace of God I never had any “bad” symptoms just headaches and being extremely sleepy. Of course mood swings…..but I couldn’t tell if that was just me or the pregnancy.

** Oh please don’t get caught up with the lines not being clear, if you see a faint positive it’s A POSITIVE! Ok…I digress.

Importance of doing kegels. Do these before, during, and after pregnancy! As a matter of fact let’s take a minute to do 20 right now! …..Ok thank you! You will thank me later. Let’s move on. 😉

The first trimester is always fun. For some people you tell your family and close friends around this time. You have your first doctor’s appointment. You hear your baby’s heart beat! You feel good, you look good, you have that glow! You’re just simply beautiful.

iphone5 3.4.14 001<——January 1st! (I had no idea) #theGLOWDay 1<——The day I took the test! I was only 3 weeks!

Don’t Forget:

  • TAKE your prenatal vitamins!!
  • How to do Kegels!
  • Moisturize bump, boobs, and thighs!
  • Find & Research your OB/GYN!
  • Think of your birth plan ahead of time (not all doctors offer the same services)
    • water birth?
    • midwife?
  • Research insurance coverage
  • Make a budget to start saving
  •  First prenatal checkup!
  • Take belly photos
  • Drink lots of water
  • Keep track of your weight
  • However, I wouldn’t suggest that you go out and start purchasing things around this time. It may be best to save that for the 2nd and 3rd trimester. NOT that anything could happen, but because if this is your first child, you will probably get everything you need at your baby shower.

1st tri belly<—-Just a few weeks preggo!

*Scary moment in my first trimester. Around 8 weeks, I spent the night at my girlfriend’s for a sleep over. I woke up really early that morning to use the restroom and I passed a small but bright red clot! I literally lost my mind. “Mr. Big” and I ran to the ER and by the grace of God it was just my placenta attaching and it caused some hemorrhaging. Downside, I had a high a** bill of $900 dollars because anytime you go to the ER, during your pregnancy, it’s not included in your global prenatal plan. This means you have to pay the deductible and the copay. So lesson learned. YES! spotting is scary but just call your doctor first.

My favorite First-Time mom Apps:

1.  Pregnancy (the BEST) (iTunes and Google Play) Free

preg+  (double click to view)

2.  Baby Bump (iTunes and Google Play) Free

bumpapp(double click to view)

3.  What to Expect When Expecting (iTunes and Google Play) Free

expect(double click to view)

Helpful websites:

The Bump

What to Expect


 iphone5 3.4.14 186







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