Oh… the “bump” finding out you are pregnant is so exciting. I remember it like it was yesterday. When you have your cycle down to the T; you absolutely know when something’s up! I bought two tests. I was supposed to wait until I got home. Instead I ditched my afternoon meeting and pulled over at the nearest McDonald’s (yea I’ve always been a fatty). Before purchasing, I went in to use the restroom and BAM I got my + sign! Oh the JOY! I washed my hands grabbed my stick and ran out of there so fast! I didn’t even get food. I went straight to my “Mr. Big’s” job! Called him outside and recorded every piece of the good news. The test was laying in the passenger seat. But I couldn’t help but wonder why he wouldn’t actually sit in the car. Because men are weird he says “I can’t touch that, it has your pee on it”! lol Once we got past that, we spent as much time as we could in the car talking about how excited we were, and how shocked we were at how easy it happen. Although, our boy was planned it was still overwhelming and surprising to us. At that moment in our lives everything was going right for us; relationship, careers, finances. We were on cloud 9 and ready to take on this journey.






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