Bringing Home Baby

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Finally your baby is here!!! Now it’s time to bring him or her home♥ I’m not going to lie depending on your labor and deliver, you could still be exhausted and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus (literally). Very fragile, yet, you’re so excited about being a mom. You can’t wait to change the baby’s clothes a million times and try out all the new baby shower gadgets. For me, I was really excited about nursing. Can yall believe the first 24 hours of “KickBack’s” life I didn’t even nurse him??!! I felt like a bad mom. I remember the nurse came in and asked “so how long on each boob did he nurse?” I felt so bad because we were bonding so much and counting fingers and toes I totally forgot. It didn’t help that he didn’t cry the entire day, so I really didn’t know. She explained that its okay for the first 24 hours because they have enough of our nutrition from the womb to survive the first day.

Ok…so fast forward to bringing him home. My mom and brothers were excited to write on our porch and a sweet friend of mine brought some beautiful flowers over 🙂 It’s IMPORTANT to have good positive company over. No matter how much you like being alone and to yourself, first nightTRUST ME you will want company. Going to the rest room and taking a shower becomes a mini vacation. It’s not that you don’t want to be around your baby. It’s just that you’re so physically and mentally drained from caring for another and worrying that you are doing the right thing that you don’t have much time for yourself. So “KickBack’s” Nah Nah and Mii Mii (grandmothers) took turns coming over pretty much my whole maternity leave, especially while “Mr. Big” was at work. I took about 7 weeks off.

During this time I literally nursed, ate, nursed again, ate, newborn photo shoot, nursed again! No lie…that was the pattern. I also attended some breastfeeding support groups every Tuesday morning at the local Women’s Hospital once I got over my fear of driving with a newborn. Oh, quick funny story. “Mr. Big” took the LONGEST way home from the hospital…lol. I asked why are we not home yet, he said ” he was avoiding the highway. It was too many bumps” LOL. What!!!

iphone5 3.4.14 964 <——- lol “KickBack” liked to nurse in private. iphone5 3.4.14 965

newborn shoot

Having fun with our photographer

For more info about our photographer for your maternity and newborn photos check out J-Lynn Photography

iphone5 3.4.14 1133   Oh…he wasn’t having me putting him down! :/  iphone5 3.4.14 1072

Because on Day 4 my milk came in full force. I started pumping and freezing for when we go out on our outings.

iphone5 3.4.14 1019  My first time pumping! iphone5 3.4.14 1027

Mommies PLEASE PLEASE don’t be alarmed! If you are only pumping off  1 1/2 to 2 ounces. IT’S OK! Geeszzh, your baby’s belly is only the size of a dime and then grows from there. People, especially older people or those that didn’t have successfully breastfeeding stories, will encourage you to stop or say “that baby is hungry!”. Talk to your doctor! If your baby is gaining weight and is nursing often, you’re doing a good job. Now the majority of your maternity leave will require you to simply just sit and nurse all day because the more you nurse the more milk you produce. It sounds boring but it’s sooo fun and rewarding to be lazy with your baby and eat together lol. Now if you are completely miserable…I get it. After all, we do want our mommies to be healthy.  I encourage you to take advantage of any free breastfeeding classes, support groups or readings. It’s worth it. I nursed “Kick Back” his entire first year. I started weaning a week before his first birthday and stopped on his birthday. It’s a lot, its hard work, but YOU CAN DO IT. If you make it pass week 2, the rest will be a breeze. Plus, you always have me to ask a million questions. 🙂 I plan to post a whole blog about breastfeeding in the future. So look out under Courtney’s Commentary.

FIRST bedtime story. Not sure why I chose a book that had so many words…LOLiphone5 3.4.14 1054







Eat Sleep Application (iTunes) Free

eatsleep(double click to view)

*This application helps nursing moms keep up with sleeping duration, poopy diapers, and nursing sessions.

WebMD Baby (iTunes and Google Play) Free

webmdbaby (double click to view)

*WebMD Baby delivers baby health & wellness information anytime and anywhere.

Tylenol Dosage Chart

Tylenol dosage chart(double click to enlarge)

Motrin Dosage Chart

Motrin Dosage Chart(double click to enlarge)

0-12 months is a highlight of all the memorable blissful things to come. Every baby is different, just sit back and enjoy your baby’s FIRST everything…they won’t happen again:iphone5 3.4.14 1319

  • First bath
  • First smile 
  • First laugh
  • First mommy blooper
  • First crawl
  • First tooth
  • First word
  • First step
  • First taste of table food

~”KickBacks” FIRST Birthday!~


IMG_6045 This is the place to find unique, custom designed invitations, greeting cards, stationery, business logos, and other fun printable items for birthday parties, baby showers, holidays, and special events that can be personalized to help make your special occasion memorable. Soar Dandelion


All of these Jungle Theme ideas came from Pinterest. Worms in dirt, Mountain lions, “Feed the Animals, Oats& Pebbles etc.

↑↑Cupcake toppers were done by my talented, dear friend and big sister. Please check out her work! You will be amazed. Not to mention her cakes are VERY creative and YUMMY! 🙂 Holly’s Cake Bar↑↑


Jungle Theme: Ideas on from Pinterest

It’s amazing how creative you can be once you become a mom. I was very proud of myself. My favorite crafty piece was creating the 0-12 month wall! It was a nice visual way for everyone to see our baby’s growth :). I will post a blog soon about the details of party planning under Courtney’s Commentary.

IMG_6043 Cake by: Delicious Bakery

IMG_6044This is just a few of our family and friends that came to share this special day with us. We love them dearly.

IMG_6042We decided to smash the poor baby’s face in the cake. After crying he realized how yummy the cake was…lol.


Just before the cake smashing #familyphoto


Mommies face after the madness…




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