Services and Fees:

I am more than happy to meet with you. Consultation fee of $50 will go towards your services. Consultations are designed to discuss your concerns, fears, expectations and desires. If those services can be provided to you then we will schedule an interview. Interviews are designed to see if we are a good fit. I think it is very important to choose a Doula that you feel very comfortable with to invite to your birthing experience. During the interview, which last about 1 hour, we can talk more in-depth about my services and how they can work for you.

Triple B- Birth Support & Prenatal Package

*services start as early as the day you find out you’re pregnant!


When working with Bump.Baby.Bliss., you’ll receive support for your childbirth preferences. I coach you during pregnancy, labor, and briefly postpartum by providing you with resources to birthing classes, teaching you birthing techniques, teaching your partner massages, breastfeeding initial support, and more!

Birth Support & Prenatal Package includes:

Certified Doula services include:

  • Two(2) prenatal (if needed) visits, including one with my backup doula if desired.  Home visitation or a central location. Prenatal meetings are designed to a) discuss your birth plan, b) to discuss your preferred comfort measures, newborn procedures, labor positions, relaxation tips, and what to expect when labor begins. All of these techniques create relaxation and build confidence during your birthing time.
  • Backup doula in an event that I have an emergency.
  • 24 hour on-call, starting 4 weeks prior to your due date, ending the day of birth.
  • Ongoing support via phone, text or email to answer questions about your pregnancy, fears, concerns, or to share exciting news!
  • Continuous labor support  in your home and/or place of birth.
  • Continued support 1 hour following delivery to  help establishing breastfeeding if needed.
  • Covid19 Modifications: 1) All consultations will be done virtually.  2) Back up Doula may not be in place due to Covid19. I will compensate appropriately in the event if there is an EMERGENCY on my behalf and cannot attend the birth or tested positive for Covid19. 3) Water Births are currently not allowed in local NC hospitals. 4) Mask wearing will be required during all face to face visits and at hospital. Mask and face shield will be worn by Certified Birth Doula.

Additionally, you’ll get the following support:

  • I will assist you in writing a very simple and realistic birth plan; Teach you how-to present it effectively to your care providers to solicit their help in achieving your ideal birth experience.
  • You’ll receive an email and telephone/text support from your point of purchase and dedicated open communication as needed with your primary birth doula and back-up doula (just in case).
  • Breastfeeding support – I will help you introduce your baby to the breast and educate, support, and assist you on any breastfeeding concerns you may have.
  • Post Delivery support–  Within two(2) weeks post delivery. I will contact you to follow-up on you and your family. If you should need additional services after that, you can choose to add them a la carte (listed below).
    • Two weeks post due date. The remainder of the fees will be due (if discussed prior).
  • Water-birth services are available! Inquire about price.
    • Birthing Pool/tub rental available
  • Resources are available if you would like a postpartum doula, counseling, photographer, lactation consultant, custom-made mommy & baby gear, gems & stones and more!

*Discounts are available for Guilford County School employees and teenage moms—please contact me for a discounted consultation!

A $200 non refundable deposit is due upon hire  to secure and reserve your spot on my schedule and it covers your prenatal visits (deposit goes towards the total). Total payment due by 36 weeks (when 24 hour on call support begins).

Virtual Birth Doula Support

*services start as early as the day you find out you’re pregnant!


Our Virtual Full-Service Birth Doula support includes much of what a traditional Triple B Birth Support Prenatal Package includes, without the in-person support. You’ll have an initial consultation with owner/doula and upon hiring the following will be provided.

Virtual Support Package includes:
  • Assistant with creating a Birth Plan
  • Two, one-hour video conference prenatal appointments with your doula;
  • Your doula’s unlimited, phone, email, and text availability and support throughout your pregnancy; On-Call 24/7 at 37 to birth.
  • On-call availability of your doula for virtual support throughout your birth;
  • 30 mins- 1-hour video conference postpartum appointment.

What happens during a Virtual Session or Virtual Birth Support?

While so much of traditional doula support is about the hands-on, in-person guidance we provide, there’s so much we can still do over the phone, text, and/or video conference!

  • Information, guidance, and recommendations
  • Demonstrations of techniques & comfort measures
  • Recommendations for position changes & sharing visual guides for movement during birth
  • Encouragement & coaching in real time
  • Processing options & decision making
  • Troubleshooting common birth, postpartum, newborn care, and/or feeding issues
  • Providing referrals to professionals in your area… and so much more

Breastfeeding Support Packagebreastfeeding services


Bump.Baby.Bliss. offers a breastfeeding support package as an add- on to the birth doula package or as a standalone service. Please contact me for price differences.

Breastfeeding Support Package includes:

  • Assist/advice/support via home visit, face-time, phone
  • Assist with latching, positions, natural remedies to increase milk supply, emotional support, and advice for supporting family members.
  • Resources and referral
  • Ongoing support via phone, text or email to answer questions about your fears, nursing issues/concerns (if added to the package above).

On-Demand Birth Doula Service


Bump.Baby.Bliss. provides doula support on-demand. No prenatal or postpartum meetings, no birth planning, just hands-on doula support as needed. On-Demand birth doula services are available after on and after 32 weeks.

*(Option 2) Steps to immediate On-Demand, doula support:

  1. Request NOW for Courtney, doula.
  2. After we’ve confirmed my availability of support, please pay the deposit of $500. This confirms our agreement to work together and pays up to 2 hours of support.
  3. I will join you at the hospital when you ask me to arrive and stay 30 minute after your baby’s birth (or longer if desired).
  4. You will receive an invoice of your additional hours. The hourly rate after 2 hours of services is $75.

Water-birth Pool Rental

Maxi Birth Pool Kit - La Bassine Birth Pools


Rent La Bassine, (The Maxi) with a contract for tub rental service. Accessory kit available with all rentals. Pool Liners MUST be purchase per each pool rental.

  • Tub Managers are available if assistance is needed with pool set up and break down only. Inquire about price.

A la Carte or Stand-alone services:


♥Belly/Waist Beads $15-25:  Handcrafted and custom made waist beads are now available! Designed to adorn your waist and hips at all times. Waist beads liberate women by promoting healing, spirituality, personal power, balance, body shaping and more. For more detailed information please read our blog post Adorn Your Body or Order NOW at our online store.

Additional Prenatal Meeting $50: Need a little more support before birth? Add on another meeting to discuss and process all of your feelings and plans.

Meal Train Setup $20: Meal Train is an awesome service that allows family and friends to provide meals for you during the postpartum period. I can organize your MealTrain and conduct all communication with those cooking for you!

Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class $35: If you’re interested in some one-on-one breastfeeding instruction, I will teach you (and your partner) the basics of breastfeeding and what to expect once your baby arrives. The class is roughly one hour and can be combined with a prenatal meeting.


Want to customize your own package? Contact me and I will make it work for you!

Things to Know:

Services are provided in ALL cities of North Carolina and surrounding states. Prices are subject to change for services outside North Carolina.
I work at ALL area hospitals and with any medical care provider.
*Certain hospitals will allow my team to provide cesarean support in pre-op, the operating room, and recovery. If you are scheduled for a C-section, please confirm with your OB that we will be permitted to join you, prior to making your purchase.