Bugs and Easter Peeps~

Late night, eating |blue peeps|πŸ₯ and reading about bugs!β˜ΊοΈπŸ’€

Lately SuperJack has been staying up later. I don’t really force him to go to bed at night. One because I know he takes long naps at daycare and two because he really doesn’t give me a hard time in the mornings when it comes to getting up. Well, if he doesn’t like what he’s wearing then he will! :/ But here are a few things I do to get him relaxed.

  • Bath (in baby lavender)
  • Lavender baby lotion/ massage
  • I’m bad sometimes I will even spray the bed and roomΒ withΒ lavender linen spray!
  • Eat if he’s still hungry or a lite snack (not these sugary peeps we were eating last night lol)
  • Brush teeth
  • Either I READ to him or he reads to me (which he loves)
  • Potty
  • PRAY
  • and a little Basketball on TV will knock him right out!….along with lots of HUGS and KISSES. From my room or the living room we will put him in bed with relaxing music playing.

See its real simple! No need for me to fuss and fight with him as long as he’s relaxed then he’s resting. Plus it gives us time to bond with him instead of coming home doing our routines and then sending him off to bed. When you stick to a schedule like that you don’t always have time for loving parts. Again this isn’t your traditional “get in the bed” routine but its what works for us! Oh! One confession if he does get up in the middle of the night we do turn on a 15 minute learning show like “Super Why” or “Peppa Pig”. Why not something he’s not interested in?? Because SuperJack will justΒ get up change it to what he likes anyway lol.

Refusing to nap!!!

What to do when your toddler doesn’t want to nap!?!?!?! I’m literally about to pull my hair out! I let “KickBack” go to work with me today because we’ve had a lot of bad weather and I didn’t want to send him to daycare. (Thinking this would be a great idea, NOT!) He woke up at 7 a.m., we started our day. He played for hoooooours at work, running around with my coworker (literally). He slept for 3 minutes in the car; came in the house and he’s been up on one thousand every since! Just talking and talking, jumping and jumping, playing and playing. Like did someone give him chocolate or something! So I fed him, I changed him, I gave him milk, then I put him in a playpen upstairs with the TV (bc he jumps out his crib). Needless to say that was an hour ago and he’s still screaming and crying because he refuses TO NAP! Mommies please help me! 😦
**However, a good friend sent me this site. It maybe helpful. I still need advice from you guys though! Baby Sleep Site