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~Sweet Baby Beanies~

Please check out my dear friend’s beautiful work. @sweetbabybeanie and order you and your families beanies today! SweetBabyBeanie are custom handmade beanies for your baby of any size! Whether your baby is a newborn, toddler, adult male or female they can customize a beanie just for them! They specialize in mommy and me, daddy and me, and family beanies. Since the beanies are made to order, you choose the colors like! Want to add a Pom Pom on top? They do that too! Follow her on Instagram for discounts and find them on Esty; http://www.sweetbabybeanie.bigcartel.comย ย Discounts are always available and a portion of the proceeds go to a local Children’s Hospital.

Sweetest little gifts from #SweetBabyBeanies for my new clients!

Sweetest little gifts from #SweetBabyBeanies for my new clients!


Please read below on what inspired her business:

December!ย My favorite month of the year. Itโ€™s my birthday month and its Christmas. What could be better than that? My sweet girl was now 11 months and I was crazy about cutting out snowflakes and creating a winter fairy tale land for her first birthday in January.

This was the month that Sweetbabybeanie was born.
I woke up on December 3, 2015 and I thought, Iโ€™m 28. Then I thought about all the things I wanted to do before I was 28. I questioned if I had lost myself in motherhood. Who was I now? Were those goals I had really that important now that I was a mom? I didnโ€™t get a masters degree to be at home all day!
For a few minutes I felt like I was drowning, I couldnโ€™t breathe.
On the morning of my 28th birthday I had a panic attack.

I remember being angry. Angry at everyone who sat back and watched me disappear into motherhood. Why didnโ€™t anyone try and save me, I was still the same person or was I? Had I embraced motherhood as a new identity and let go of self?

I had.

After gathering my thoughts I got dressed and bundled up my daughter and went to Michaels craft store. I bought yarn and decided I would make a beanie for my baby. I had a choice to make. Sink in motherhood or swim. On my 28th birthday I decided that this new hobby would be for me. It would be my projects separate from my daughter and husband. My new hooks and yarn was my beacon of hope, my compass on the road to rediscovering who I was.

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Erykah Badu is a DOULA!

Erykah Badu doula

Erykah Badu interviewed about being a Doula

More detailed interview

Below is the video interview! To save you some time she starts talking about her career as a Doula around 14minutes into the video if you want to fast-forward. Enjoy

Wake up!ย 


Mommy Booster…

Today was rough…then I came across this passage in my notes: God lets you run into what you want soooo bad to realize it’s not what you need. Pray for a while. Keep diligently seeking him. Then, He will deliver you. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ #mistakesArenecessary #glowโ˜บ๏ธ