Free Carseat Canopy, Nursing Pillow, Nursing Pads & Baby Sling!

Just pay for shipping and receive a FREE baby sling, nursing pillow, car seat canopy and/or nursing pads!

**Most of all my mommies or soon-to-be mommies are already aware of these coupons. But those that are not, these can be cool, unexpansive gifts to get your preggo friends, for baby showers, mommy showers, etc. Hurry! offer ends soon!

I’ve ordered all of these except the nursing pillow. It was really easy. Just entered the code, paid for shipping and it was here! Enjoy! Happy early Valentine’s Day❤️


carseat canopyBreast padsnursing pillowbaby carrier

Because I just took a screenshot of the email, you may have type it in your url and enter the promo code from there (“click me” will not work)

Other Codes:

Car seat canopy
Udder cover

*If these codes don’t work, let me know! I can provide you with a new one. Codes come out every month.

One thought on “Free Carseat Canopy, Nursing Pillow, Nursing Pads & Baby Sling!

  1. Yes I would love a pumping post! I’m 2 weeks in with my baby girl and I’m dying for a bit of reprieve from feedings, but I haven’t quite gotten a pumping schedule that works. Would love to hear what worked for you



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